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When you are getting your first Driver’s Licence in BC after you passed the ICBC road test you will be issued 2-year class 7 Driver’s Licence. To take the ICBC test you will have to pay $35. The licence fee is another $31.

If you moved to Canada and you have held a driver’s licence (not a learner's) from another country for at least two years, you may be eligible to take ICBC road test for class 5 B.C. driver's licence. The cost for ICBC road test for class 5 is $50.

Applicants must present themselves to ICBC licensing office at least 15 minutes before the test is to begin. ICBC may charge you $25 if any road test is not cancelled with them at least 48 hours in advance. ICBC will need your Learners Drivers License; primary and secondary I.D. (see “Prof If Identity” on the inside cover of the Road Sense for Drivers Guide); and the money mentioned above. You may be refused an ICBC road test if any of the above is missing.

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